6B Labs

Making Dreams Happen

6 Billion people don’t live in developed countries, but still deserve an opportunity to change the world

The goal of 6B Labs is to empower people around the world to launch companies that have a global reach. For 2018, we are starting in Bolivia and Paraguay.

Why an Accelerator?

Our founding team includes serial entrepreneurs, investors, and marketing gurus. We provide new entrepreneurs with the help we wish he had when he got started.

We help our companies plan and execute proven business models to take over their intended audiences much faster.

One of our partners (OSBolivia) will be handling the coding of all the prototypes and MVPs at no cost for our accepted startups.

We connect our startups to investors in Bolivia, Chile and the US, helping them secure their Seed and Series A rounds.

Our 3-month incubator will focus in Software, SaaS, Ecommerce products and ideas. You don’t have to have a full product to apply, just the will and attitude to work hard and figure things out as you go.

Alejandro Rioja

Founding  Member

Ariel Valverde

Founding  Member

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